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Ultra Tarper System

WELCOME to the patent-pending ULTRA TARPER SYSTEM. We are the manufacturer of the mobile ULTRA TARPER SYSTEM. Tarping your load takes only 8 minutes with the ULTRA TARPER SYSTEM!

Stay Safe and Ultra Tarp Your Loads.
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About Ultra Tarper System


The patented ULTRA TARPER SYSTEM. This is the only SAFE way for any Shipper or a driver to tarp their loads from the ground. For the Driver, the ULTRA TARPER SYSTEM extended pole, slides easily into a 6in tube under trailer and the Body of the Ultra Tarper stores nicely into your 24 inch mounted trailer box. Shippers package is a stand alone yard unit.


Secure the ULTRA TARPER on the end of any forklift forks, as an attachment. Secure the extended pole to either side and attach the corners of your tarp to the anchors on extended pole. From the rear of the trailer, the truck driver will guide the forklift driver slowly forward alongside trailer load, raising and lowering the tarp as needed until the load is fully covered. Safe, easy, light weight and fast!